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de Vrij, Nicky; Meysman, Pieter; Gielis, Sofie; Adriaensen, Wim; Laukens, Kris; Cuypers, Bart

HLA-DRB1 Alleles Associated with Lower Leishmaniasis Susceptibility Share Common Amino Acid Polymorphisms and Epitope Binding Repertoires Journal Article

In: Vaccines, 9 (3), 2021, ISSN: 2076-393X.

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Hefnawy, Aya; Negreira, Gabriel; Jara, Marlene; Cotton, James A; Maes, Ilse; Haenens, Erika Dtextquoteright; Imamura, Hideo; Cuypers, Bart; Monsieurs, Pieter; Mouchtoglou, Christina; Winter, Hans De; Berriman, Matt; Sanders, Mandy; Martin, Julio; de Muylder, Geraldine; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Sterckx, Yann G -J; Domagalska, Malgorzata Anna

Genomic and phenotypic characterization of experimentally selected resistant Leishmania donovani reveals a role for dynamin-1 like protein in the mechanism of resistance to a novel anti-leishmanial compound Journal Article

In: bioRxiv, 2021.

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Adriaensen, Wim; Cuypers, Bart; Cordero, Carlota F; Mengasha, Bewketu; Blesson, Séverine; Cnops, Lieselotte; Kaye, Paul M; Alves, Fabiana; Diro, Ermias; van Griensven, Johan

Host transcriptomic signature as alternative test-of-cure in visceral leishmaniasis patients co-infected with HIV Journal Article

In: EBioMedicine, 55 , 2020, ISSN: 2352-3964.

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Cuypers, Bart; Dumetz, Franck; Meysman, Pieter; Laukens, Kris; Muylder, Géraldine De; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Domagalska, Malgorzata Anna

The Absence of C-5 DNA Methylation in Leishmania donovani Allows DNA Enrichment from Complex Samples Journal Article

In: Microorganisms, 8 (8), 2020, ISSN: 2076-2607.

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Cuypers, Bart

A systems biology approach for a comprehensive understanding of molecular adaptation in** Leishmania donovani PhD Thesis

University of Antwerp, 2018.

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Dumetz, F; Cuypers, B; Imamura, H; Zander, D; DtextquoterightHaenens, E; Maes, I; Domagalska, M A; Clos, J; Dujardin, J -C; Muylder, G De

Molecular Preadaptation to Antimony Resistance in Leishmania donovani on the Indian Subcontinent Journal Article

In: mSphere, 3 (2), 2018.

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Cuypers, Bart; Domagalska, Malgorzata A; Meysman, Pieter; de Muylder, Géraldine; Vanaerschot, Manu; Imamura, Hideo; Dumetz, Franck; Verdonckt, Thomas Wolf; Myler, Peter J; Ramasamy, Gowthaman; Laukens, Kris; Dujardin, Jean-Claude

Multiplexed Spliced-Leader Sequencing: A high-throughput, selective method for RNA-seq in Trypanosomatids Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, 7 (1), pp. 3725, 2017, ISSN: 2045-2322.

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Dumetz, F; Imamura, H; Sanders, M; Seblova, V; Myskova, J; Pescher, P; Vanaerschot, M; Meehan, C J; Cuypers, B; Muylder, G De; Späth, G F; Bussotti, G; Vermeesch, J R; Berriman, M; Cotton, J A; Volf, P; Dujardin, J C; Domagalska, M A

Modulation of Aneuploidy in Leishmania donovani during Adaptation to Different In Vitro and In Vivo Environments and Its Impact on Gene Expression Journal Article

In: mBio, 8 (3), 2017.

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Jara, Marlene; Berg, Maya; Caljon, Guy; de Muylder, Geraldine; Cuypers, Bart; Castillo, Denis; Maes, Ilse; del Orozco, María Carmen; Vanaerschot, Manu; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Arevalo, Jorge

Macromolecular biosynthetic parameters and metabolic profile in different life stages of Leishmania braziliensis: Amastigotes as a functionally less active stage Journal Article

In: PLOS ONE, 12 (7), pp. 1-22, 2017.

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Mondelaers, Annelies; Sanchez-Cañete, Maria P; Hendrickx, Sarah; Eberhardt, Eline; Garcia-Hernandez, Raquel; Lachaud, Laurence; Cotton, James; Sanders, Mandy; Cuypers, Bart; Imamura, Hideo; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Delputte, Peter; Cos, Paul; Caljon, Guy; Gamarro, Francisco; Castanys, Santiago; Maes, Louis

Genomic and Molecular Characterization of Miltefosine Resistance in Leishmania infantum Strains with Either Natural or Acquired Resistance through Experimental Selection of Intracellular Amastigotes Journal Article

In: PLOS ONE, 11 (4), pp. 1-15, 2016.

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Berg, Maya; Garc'ia-Hernández, Raquel; Cuypers, Bart; Vanaerschot, Manu; Manzano, José I; Poveda, José A; Ferragut, José A; Castanys, Santiago; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Gamarro, Francisco

Experimental Resistance to Drug Combinations in Leishmania donovani: Metabolic and Phenotypic Adaptations Journal Article

In: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 59 (4), pp. 2242–2255, 2015, ISSN: 0066-4804.

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Rai, Keshav; Cuypers, Bart; Bhattarai, Narayan Raj; Uranw, Surendra; Berg, Maya; Ostyn, Bart; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Rijal, Suman; Vanaerschot, Manu

Relapse after Treatment with Miltefosine for Visceral Leishmaniasis Is Associated with Increased Infectivity of the Infecting Leishmania donovani Strain Journal Article

In: mBio, 4 (5), 2013.

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Berg, Maya; Vanaerschot, Manu; Jankevics, Andris; Cuypers, Bart; Maes, Ilse; Mukherjee, Sandip; Khanal, Basudha; Rijal, Suman; Roy, Syamal; Opperdoes, Fred; Breitling, Rainer; Dujardin, Jean-Claude

Metabolic adaptations of Leishmania donovani in relation to differentiation, drug resistance, and drug pressure Journal Article

In: Molecular Microbiology, 90 (2), pp. 428-442, 2013.

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Berg, Maya; Vanaerschot, Manu; Jankevics, Andris; Cuypers, Bart; Breitling, Rainer; Dujardin, Jean-Claude

LC-MS Metabolomics from study design to data-analysis – using a versatile pathogen as a test case Journal Article

In: Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 4 (5), pp. e201301002, 2013, ISSN: 2001-0370.

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